Covid-19 Policy

Providing a safe and worry-free environment for the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting attendees is of our utmost concern. In preparation for the 2023 SERSTM, the Planning Committee and Board of Directors will continue to monitor COVID conditions, build on our experiences from the originally scheduled 2022 meeting, and learn from the approaches taken at other conferences. We are also attuned to guidance from the CDC and The National Academy of Medicine.

As the meeting approaches, there are likely to be changes to guidance that would contribute to final policies and other decisions. Additional covid safety information will be provided by mid-October and policies set in the fall, well before registration deadlines. The Network will implement expert-recommended safety measures and be conservative. We will work with the conference facility to understand and potentially augment their capabilities. Safety policies may become more restrictive if conditions worsen in the weeks leading up to the meeting but will not become more lax once they are set.   

The Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Network appreciates your full compliance with the COVID health and safety guidelines provided. We also request that you monitor your own health status and forgo attending SERSTM if you suspect exposure to COVID or exhibit symptoms. We highly recommend that all attendees are vaccinated and boostered against the coronavirus. This is the most effective way to ensure that we all have a safe experience at the meeting.

While at SERSTM:

  • Masks will be recommended for all registered attendees.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available in several locations throughout the venue.
  • All microphones and podiums will be sanitized between each presentation.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged throughout the meeting.

Please help us keep you safe! We are all ready to return to normal, but we need your help to ensure that we can deliver the safest meeting possible!