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Poster Authors at Posters – Grand Reef
     Wednesday  5:15 PM – 6:45 PM


Climate Change

01:  The impacts of nest temperatures on Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) hatchling morphology and performance
Heather A. Seaman*** | Sarah L. Milton

02:  Recruitment of male Loggerhead turtles in Southwest Florida: the effect of rainfall on incubation temperature and emergence success
Jill Schmid | Dave Addison | Greg Curry | Sarah Norris | Sara Wilson | Kristine Zikmanis

03:  The connection between local climate and sea turtle nest hatch success: Examining 20 years of data from a South Florida beach
David Anderson | Rebecca Germany

04:  An examination of sand temperature trends and hatchling gender predictions
Jill Schmid | Greg Curry | Sarah Norris | Sara Wilson | Kristine Zikmanis

05:  Seeking input on the sea turtle section of the science plan for the regional wildlife science collaborative for offshore wind
Susan G. Barco | Emily Shumchenia | Avalon Bristow


Coastal Restoration, Related Ecosystems, and Species

06:  The physiological effects of Sargassum beach coverage on three species of sea turtle hatchlings
Sarah Milton | Abigail Chaney

07:  Living in coexisting: a novel predator exclusion cage design
Paul Hillbrand | Elizabeth Darrow | Rachael Urbanek | Seanna Jobe | Emily Abernathy

08:  Glyphosate in Florida seagrass ecosystems
Ashley Meade Kusel*** | Alan Bolten | Nancy Denslow | Karen Bjorndal


Sea Turtle Science, Recovery, and Conservation in the North Gulf of Mexico

09:  The sand temperature on Cayo Costa Island (southwest Florida) exceed the pivotal temperature for Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) during most of the nesting season
Eliannis Santiesteban*** | Phill Allman

10:  Armadillos: nothing much to report, which is something!
Wilma Katz | Zoe M Bass

11:  Characterizing the potential role of crab traps in Kemp’s ridley mortality in the northern Gulf of Mexico
Elizabeth Bevan |Stacy Hargrove | Lyndsey Howell | Canh Nguyen | Jason Letort | Daniel Foster | Jeff Gearhart | Brian Stacy | Robert Hardy

12:  Evaluation of clutch frequency in the Kemp’s ridley: implications for the current conservation status
Robby Brannum*** | Thane Wibbels | Manuel Rosas Colmenares | Gerardo Marin | Erika Navarro Ang | Martha Lopez | Hector Acosta | Javier Montano | Jaime Peña | Patrick Burchfield

13:  Temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD) and Kemp’s ridley sea turtle conservation
Katie Presz | Thane Wibbels | Abigail Trammel | Sarah Livett | Donna Shaver |Shelby Walker | Cynthia Rubio

14:  Measurement relationships for sea turtles nesting on the Gulf of Mexico
Magrieli Rodriguez Ruiz | Kristen Mazzarella | Jake Lasala

15:  Sea turtle conservation supported by photo-identification at Panama City Beach piers
Lauren Albrittain | Angela Barros | Nancy Evou | Secret Holmes

16:  Remote monitoring of Alabama’s sea turtle nesting sites
Sarah Gumbleton | Nicole Beckham

17:  DWH sea turtle restoration: highlighting bycatch reduction restoration efforts
Rebeccah Hazelkorn, Sara Wissmann, Julia Goss

18:  An introduction to NOAA’s updated Oil and Sea Turtles guide
Nicolle Rutherford

19 Sea turtle nesting trends in Mississippi: data gaps and the necessity of future monitoring
Theresa Madrigal | Paul Necaise | James Haynes | Mike Brainard | Barry Vittor | Moby Solangi

20:  DWH Sea Turtle Restoration: status update and next steps
Sara Wissmann, Rebeccah Hazelkorn, Julia Goss


Sea Turtles of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Caribbean

21:  Growth rates of the juvenile Hawksbill sea turtles on a foraging ground in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
Sabrina Sorace*** | Natalie Monnier | Kianna Pattengale | Joe Townsend | Kelly Stewart | Paul Jobsis

22:  Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) and Green (Chelonia mydas) sea turtle population estimates in a juvenile foraging habitat in St. Thomas, USVI
Natalie Monnier*** | Kianna Pattengale | Sabrina Sorace | Joe Townsend | Kelly Stewart | Paul Jobsis

23:  An eight-year analysis of sea turtle nesting activity on Loggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas National Park
Jessica Stuczynski

24:  Trends in abundance and reproductive success of Hawksbill turtles at Buck Island Reef National Monument, USVI
Alexandra Gulick | Kristen Ewen | Clayton Pollock | Zandy Hillis-Starr

25:  Assessment of long-term site fidelity of the hawksbill sea turtle on Buck Island, St Croix
Skyler Roberts***

26:  Observations at a Green sea turtle cleaning station in the Northeast Caribbean
Jessica Micheal | Stephen Ratchford | Paul Jobsis

27:  Variations in location by size are evident for Hawksbill sea turtles but not Green sea turtles in St. Thomas, USVI
Kianna Pattengale | Sabrina Sorace | Natalie Monnier | Paul Jobsis | Kelly Stewart


Sea Turtle Education and Outreach

28: for Turtles – a new outreach and education initiative in Okaloosa County, FL
Jessica Valek

29:  EAI Public Outreach Initiatives
Chelsey Petersen | Lauren Maline

30:  Testing Tools to Expand Participation in Experiential Outreach Programs
Jadyn M. Sethna*** | Kristina Williams Carroll | Joseph B. Pfaller

31:  Using citizen science to assess the nesting abundance of the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) on St. Thomas USVI
Katie Ayres | Paul Jobsis | Lincoln Critchley | Kelly Stewart

32:  Public Ride-Along Program: making sea turtle conservation more accessible
Alexis Dvoracek

33:  Walk with the sea turtles: Bald Head Island Conservancy Turtle Walk Program
Jennifer Wiggen

34:  Empowering youth in the Carr Refuge through the Sea Turtle TECH STEM Mentorship
and Conservation Career Training Program
Sarah Rhodes-Ondi

35:  Lessons learned: a decade of lighting retrofits
Rachel Tighe | Emily Asp | Casie Hain | Stacey Gallagher

36:  Capturing public interest: use of multiple outreach methods to increase sea turtle conservation awareness
Melissa Cook

37:  Developing and implementing outreach materials for STEM Education on sea turtles
Emma Humphreys*** | Annmarie Fearing | Kendrick Buford | Julie Cwikla | Nicole Phillips



38:  Refined inferences of genetic structure among Loggerhead and Green turtle rookeries in the eastern Gulf of Mexico
Brian M. Shamblin | Kristen M. Hart | Margaret M. Lamont | Simona A. Ceriani | Michae S. Cherkiss | Zoe M. Bass | Wilma Katz | Kelly Sloan | Greg Curry | Jill Schmid | Sarah V. Norris | Eve M. Haverfield | Brenda Bossman | Kristen T. Mazzarella | Campbell J. Nairn


Trophic Ecology using Stable Isotopes

39:  Experimental approach for evaluating stable isotope values for marine turtles
Forrest Collins*** | Thane Wibbels | Ken Marion | Scott Rush

40:  Inferring juvenile oceanic sea turtle diets using stable isotope analysis
Sierra P. Bornheim*** | Tiffany M. Dawson | Katrina F. Phillips | Kate L. Mansfield


Health, Disease, and Rehabilitation

41:  Not all who wander are lost: a case study of a wayward traveler
Whitney Crowder | Emily Mirowski | Shelby Hoover

42:  Surveying antibiotic resistance of gram-negative bacteria isolated from wild-caught and rehabilitated Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) and Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) of Florida
Christina Cortes***

43:  A summary of twenty-four years of sea turtle rehabilitation at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, North Carolina, USA
Kathryn A. Zagzebski | Craig A. Harms | Jean F. Beasley | Terry A. Meyer | Phil Sharpe

44:  Mississippi State University’s enhancement of veterinary care to sea turtles in rehabilitation
Debra P. Moore | Christa Barrett | Stephen Reichley | Alison Lee | John Thomason | Caroline Betbeze | William Epperson | Mark Lawrence

45:  Preliminary comparison of pier-hooked and reef-captured Green turtles (Chelonia mydas)
Cody R Mott*** | Jeffrey R Guertin | Whitney Crowder | Emily Mirowski | Shelby Hoover

46:  Elements of blood and plasma of cold-stunned Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) Corpus Christi Texas, 2020
Jill Heatley



47:  Plastic ingestion by Green turtles (Chelonia mydas) over 33 years along the coast of Texas, USA
Donna Shaver | Daniel Y. Choi | Christian Gredzens


Atlantic Coast Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles

48:  Baseline diet characterization of Kemp’s ridley sea turtles in South Carolina
Joshua D. Ratay*** | Erin E. Seney | Jeffrey A. Schwenter | David Wm. Owens

49:  High annual survival suggested by size structure of Kemp’s ridley captured in coastal waters of the Northwest Atlantic
Jeffrey A. Schwenter | Michael D. Arendt | R. Pearse Webster


Leatherback Conservation

50:  New perspectives on embryonic mortality of the Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) in Southeastern Florida
Emily Turla*** | M. David Anderson | Sarah E. Hirsch | Jennifer D. Reilly


Natural History and Biology of Sea Turtles in the Southeastern United States

51:  Between the calipers: an assessment of nesting experience on reproductive output
Karlee Szympruch | Paul Hillbrand | Elizabeth Darrow

52:  Darker is better: reducing hatchling attraction to interior lights with tinted glass
Tonya M. Long | Rachael Anderson | Simona A. Ceriani | Christina Frederick | Meghan Koperski | Colin Shea | Morgan Wideroff | Robbin Trindell

53:  Incubation temperature, morphology, and Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) sea turtle hatchling hydrodynamics
Alexis K. Moyle***

54:  Where do rehabilitated adult male Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) go after being released into the wild?
Kristen Mazzarella | Shauna McBride-Kebert | Daniel Evans | Anton D. Tucker

55:  Post-Hurricane Florence sea turtle nesting habitat nest site selection at Cape Hatteras and Cape Lookout National Seashores
Andrew G. Crowder | David C. Roche | Haley M. Turner | Megan C. Arias | Mathew J. Denton | Tracy A. Ziegler | Meaghan E. Johnson | Jon Altman | William P. Thompson | Brice Sweeney | Michael S. Cherkiss | Kristen M. Hart

56:  Me first! An analysis of Loggerhead (Cc) hatchling size and mass on emergence order
Alida M Johnson | Paul A Hillbrand | Elizabeth S Darrow

57:  Insights into maternal foraging areas and terrestrial-aquatic linkages from organic chemical analyses of non-viable Kemp’s ridley sea turtle eggs
Bethany K. Kunz | Donna J. Shaver | Kristen M. Hart | J. Shelby Walker | David Alvarez |Michael J. Hooper | Danielle Cleveland | Craig A. Stricker | David M. Walters | Michael Iacchetta | Christopher J. Schmitt

58:  The fossil chelonioids of Alabama and their bearing on the evolution of modern marine turtles
Andrew Gentry | Dori Do | Loan Tran | Omar Hernandez

59:  Sea turtle habitat use in Biscayne National Park
Kristen M. Hart | Andrew G. Crowder | Michael S. Cherkiss | David C. Roche | Derek A. Burkholder | Christopher R. Sasso | Megan C. Arias | Haley M. Turner | Allison M. Benscoter | Jacquelyn C. Guzy | Glenn D. Goodwin

60:  A crab trap conundrum
Carol McCoy | Wilma Katz

61:  Incubation duration and viability of late-season sea turtle nests on the East-Central Florida coast, USA
Merope S. Moonstone*** | Matt E. Larsen | Kate L. Mansfield | Erin E. Seney

62:  Predator exclusion cages are the most widely used predator management method on North Carolina sea turtle nesting beaches
Elizabeth S. Darrow | Paul Hillbrand

63:  Scute growth rate estimates: a radiocarbon analysis
Amy A. Wallace | William F. Patterson, III | Hannah B. Vander Zanden

64:  Movements of juvenile Loggerheads stranded in Massachusetts but released from Florida’s east coast
Ashley Riese | Daniel Evans

65:  Demographics of sea turtles within Florida’s Nature Coast Aquatic Preserve
Cody R Mott | Jeffrey R Guertin | Ryan C Welsh | Ryan M Chabot | Blair E Witherington | Rebecca Mott

66:  Loggerhead egg and clutch size and variation on a Georgia barrier island: connections to nesting history and hatching success
Luke Sundquist | John Carroll

67:  Mechanical behavior of sea turtle shells throughout ontogeny
Ivana Serra*** | Jeanette Wyneken

68:  Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) nesting parameters elucidated by satellite telemetry on the West Florida Coast
Kristen Mazzarella | Shauna McBride-Kebert

69:  Longitudinal study of sea turtle nesting behavior on a growing Gulf of Mexico rookery
Jake Lasala | Melissa Macksey | Kristen Mazzarella


Bold indicates presenting Author, *** Boyd Lyon Student Award Candidate