Traveling Turtles


In partnership with Inwater Research Group, we are now offering the Traveling Turtles program to teachers and school systems in the Greater Atlanta area! Their program is designed to engage students with hands-on experiential learning through lessons on sea turtle biology and conservation. Students will learn about what makes a sea turtle a sea turtle as well as nesting habits, how to sample a population like real scientists, as well as how to collect data from their very own sea turtle model. Activities include out-of-the-seat games that teach about different aspects of turtle biology, a nesting relay race, a population sampling game, and our Rehab or Release program that has students making inferences based on observational data.


To reserve a Traveling Turtles trunk for your classroom, please contact Kim Sonderman at For more information on Inwater Research Group and their education programs, visit their website


This program was created by Inwater Research Group and funded in part by the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation.