About Us

Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Network

For years, there has been a need for a formal venue in which researchers from the southeastern region of the United States could share their research findings of sea turtle activities. In 2009, a group of scientists and volunteers came together for this reason and in 2011, the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Network (SERSTN) was created. SERSTN aims to offer a biennial scientific meeting that is open to volunteers, students, and professional researchers that provides a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere, while at the same time presenting sound scientific studies.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for ways to make SERSTN an active part of the sea turtle community. Please contact Kim Sonderman at kimsonderman@serstn.org.


Mission Statement

To advance the diversity of sea turtle knowledge and conservation across disciplines, the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Network facilitates the sharing of scientific research focusing on the southeastern United States from Virginia to Texas, including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


Board of Directors

Thane Wibbels (President)

Raymond Carthy (President-Elect)

Dean Bagley (Vice President)

Meghan Koperski (Treasurer)

Caitlin Bovery (Secretary)

Kim Sonderman (Executive Director)